Friday, January 21, 2005

MindMapping Software
I have started playing around with mind mapping software, and I have to say - it's pretty cool! I was familiar with the concept on paper, but wanted to play with a software version. And I found one! It's called FreeMind , and it's FREE (I love open source!).

What can you do with FreeMind? Well, I'm currently working on rough drafts of outlines for my Computers in Libraries 2005 conference presentations, and I'm using FreeMind to do it. Once I get my presentationfigured out, I'll transfer it over to something like Powerpoint. But for now, I'm really enjoying thinking in a non-linear way. I can see my whole range of ideas laid out before me, rather than having to page up and down in a linear outline.

Another idea with FreeMind - you know how "Real" web designers use pricey Visio to plan out databases and websites? Well, why not just use this free thing? Much cheaper, if nothing else!

freemind example