Thursday, December 16, 2004

I like this :-)

Information Brokers Unite

I love this post by Steven Cohen about how librarians are information brokers.  Every time I am asked what I actually do as a librairan (usually by family, as most of my friends are either librarians or librarian-supporters), I answer with the following (variations allowed for relation to person and alcohol consumption at point of contact):

You know stock brokers?  They broker stocks, right?  Give you information on which ones to pursue, which ones have a good outlook?  Librarians are information brokers.  We give you, or at the very least point you in the right direction for finding, whatever information you're looking for.  Trying to identify the leaf off of the tree in your backyard?  No problem.  Want to know the best places to get information about social security?  We can do that.  Need an online version of The Odyssey?  We gotcha covered.  And the best thing about librarians is that our services are completely free.  Cool huh?

I know several relatives & friends who I have converted to lifelong library users and lovers as a result of this speech.  And truly, as Steven says, "We find information, filter it, and present it to our clients."  That's what I do.  Yes, I am Sarah, Librarian in Black, and I will be your information broker for today.